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XV-440-12TSB-1-10 EATON touch screen operation interface


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The resistive touch is already calibrated when delivered. However, it must be recalibrated if it does not respond correctly to touch operation.

SKU: XV-440-12TSB-1-10

The device must be installed in an end-product. For the approval in accordance with the standard UL 60950, consideration must be given to the following: n The environment of the device must comply with pollution degree 2. n The device must be supplied via a SELV source. n The device must be connected to the protective earth of the end-product (the functional earthing connection of the power supply interface must be connected). n In order to protect the device from potential internet threats, it should be connected to Ethernet networks that are isolated from the internet or safety protected and isolated from the Corporate/Enterprise network by a firewall or router. n Fire protection and electrical protection must be ensured via the end-product (not required for the front of the device).

XV-440-12TSB-1-10 EATON touch screen operation interfaceillustration

The device is designed for mounting in control cabinets, control panels or control desks. 10.4″ and 12.1″ devices can be mounted horizontally or vertically, 15″ devices must only be mounted horizontally. The following requirements must be fulfilled when selecting a suitable mounting position: n The device should not be exposed to direct sunlight (Sunlight disturbs the infra-red touch sensor. In addition, when exposed to UV light, plastic parts of the device can embrittle and the lifespan of the device is reduced). n If the device is to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, the device must not be subjected to hazardous knocks. n The operating elements on the service side of the device and the cable connections are accessible after the device has been mounted. n The ambient conditions stated must be observed. See Chapter 9.9 Ambient conditions.


Procedure: 1 Configure the communication module as stated in the relevant module description. 2 Choose a free slot for the communication module. 3 Loosen the knurled screws on the slot cover. 4 Remove the slot cover. 5 Fit the communication module in the slot. 6 Fasten the communication module with the two knurled screws. Refer to the relevant module description for information on protocol, configuration, cable lengths etc. of the communication module to be used.


Devices with resistive touch are maintenance-free. However, the following work may be necessary: n Cleaning of the resistive touch if contaminated. n Recalibration of the resistive touch if it does not respond correctly to touch operation. The infra-red frame on devices with infra-red touch must be cleaned regularly (see Chapter 7.2.3 Cleaning the infra-red touch, 2 63). Otherwise these devices are maintenance-free.



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