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A-B Rockwell 1756-L71 ControlLogix Controller


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In addition to the standard features of a ControlLogix controller, the GuardLogix controller has these safety-related features.

SKU: 1756-L71

A-B Rockwell 1756-L71 ControlLogix Controller

A-B Rockwell 1756-L71 ControlLogix Controller


The ControlLogix-XT™ controllers function in the same way as the traditional ControlLogix controllers. The ControlLogix-XT products include control and communication system components that are conformal coated to add a layer of protection when exposed to harsh, corrosive environments: • Independently, the ControlLogix-XT system can withstand temperature ranges of -25…+70 °C (-13…+158 °F). If the I/O system is in the same environment as the control system, also verify the I/O system temperature range. • Customers who previously used the LXT chassis should now migrate to the K version of the chassis.

A-B Rockwell 1756-L71 ControlLogix Controllerillustration

The ControlLogix 5580 process controllers is are extension of the Logix 5000 controller family that focuses on plantwide process control. The process controllers come configured with a default process tasking model and dedicated PlantPAx® process instructions optimized for process applications and that improve design and deployment efforts. The ControlLogix process controller’s hardware is also conformal-coated to add a layer of protection when exposed to harsh, corrosive environments, and can be used in temperature extremes from -25…+70 °C (-13…+158 °F) when deployed as part of a Logix-XT system.


A 1756 GuardLogix® controller is a ControlLogix controller that also provides the ability to perform safety functions. You must use a primary safety controller and a safety partner to achieve up to SIL CL 3/PLe/Cat. 4. A major benefit of this system is that it is still one project, safety and standard together. The safety partner is a part of the system, is automatically configured, and requires no user setup. With the introduction of the GuardLogix 5580 controller, users can achieve up to SIL 2/PLd (Category 3) with a single controller and the use of the safety task and safety I/O. During development, safety and standard have the same rules.


Multiple programmers, online editing, and forcing are allowed. Once the safety system is validated and the safety signature applied, safety memory is protected, the safety logic cannot be modified, and all safety functions operate with SIL integrity. If the safety partner is present, the safety integrity will be SIL 3. If no safety partner is present, the safety integrity will be SIL 2. On the standard side of the GuardLogix controller, all functions operate like a regular Logix controller.


Online editing, forcing, and other activities are allowed. With this level of integration, safety memory can be read by standard logic and external devices, like HMIs or other controllers, minimizing the need to condition safety memory for use elsewhere. The result is system-wide integration and the ability to display safety status on displays or marquees. For field device connectivity on EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet networks, use Guard I/O™ modules.


For safety interlocking between GuardLogix controllers, use EtherNet/IP or ControlNet networks. Multiple GuardLogix controllers can share safety data for zone to zone interlocking, or one GuardLogix controller can use remote distributed safety I/O between different cells/areas. 1756 GuardLogix controllers are available with a conformal coating to add a layer of protection when exposed to harsh, corrosive environments. Products with a conformal coating have a ‘K’ suffix at the end of the catalog number.

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