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Swiss SAIA PCD3.M6340 conversion module


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In addition to the standard features of a ControlLogix controller, the GuardLogix controller has these safety-related features.

SKU: PCD3.M6340

PCD3.M6340 asPCD3.M6240 plus Ethernet TCP/IP 560 g
PCD3.M6440 CPU with 1 MByte user program memory, 1 MByte onboard Flash memory
for backup, up to 1,023 digital I/Os (with PCD3.Cxxx), 2 interrupts, web server, USB port
for PG5, RS-232, RS-485 for Profi-S-Net/MPI/S-Bus, Profibus DP Master, Run/Stop
switch, 2 sockets for PCD7.Rxxx, data backup 1…3 years with lithium battery

Swiss SAIA PCD3.M6340 conversion moduleillustration

All PCD3 controllers and PCD3 RIOs come with an integrated web server as standard:

● Web browser as a tool for commissioning, support and visualization: Access to the SBC web server is via standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator This makes the web browser, which can be operated intuitively by anyone, the standard tool for commissioning, service, support and visualization of machines, units and installations. The user can retrieve pre-defined device and system-specific HTML pages, giving access to all data on controllers and RIOs. Graphical elements (images, diagrams etc.) as well as text documents (operating and repair manuals) can also be integrated into the HTML pages, to provide a personalized user interface

● General access to any desired interfaces and networks: Access to the web server is available not only via Ethernet TCP/IP, but also via cost-effective standard serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, modem etc.) and via Profibus networks, throughout the system and at different levels in the network. This makes it economical to use web technology to operate and monitor even the smallest applications.

● The Saia PCD® web server is integrated into all products: Having a web server integrated as standard eliminates the cost of run-time licenses or additional modules. In all new PCD3 controllers and the PCD3 RIOs, the web server is already included in the base units, at no extra cost.


The firmware versions for the PCD3.Mxxx0 are generally upwardly compatible in terms of hardware, so old CPUs can be fitted with new firmware, in order to take advantage of new functions. This feature is highly valued, and we will try to retain it for as long as possible; however, we cannot guarantee this.

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