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DSMB-01C auxiliary power supply operation


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: DSMB-01C
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DSMB-01C auxiliary power supply operation

Function Description
To ensure that the functional module can protect the feeder as expected, the default values of parameters must be checked and adjusted before using the functional module. This can be achieved through on-site parameter tuning on the HMI, or external tuning can be achieved through serial communication using relay tuning tools. Specific serial communication information can be found in section 4.1.12.
In situ parameterization
Perform on-site parameter tuning by navigating through the menu and entering the parameters to be changed. For detailed instructions, please refer to the user guide (see relevant documents in section 1.5).
External parameterization
Relay setting tools and/or graphical I/O configuration tools can be used to parameterize protective relays externally. You can use a PC for parameter tuning and then download it to the protection relay through the communication port. The menu structure of the tuning tool, including windows related to parameterization and tuning, is similar to the menu of the protection relay. For detailed information on tool usage, please refer to the Relay and Terminal Equipment Tool User Guide.

DSMB-01C auxiliary power supply operationillustration DSMB-01C auxiliary power supply operationillustration1

Graphical I/O configuration tool
In order to simplify the external parameterization of the REX 521 relay, a graphical I/O configuration tool has been integrated into the relay tuning tool. The graphical I/O configuration tool provides a user-friendly environment, making it easier to display and comprehensively view tuning values.
This tool is designed specifically for tuning input switch groups, output switch groups, and alarm light switch groups. For detailed instructions on using this tool, please refer to Relay and Terminal Equipment Tools.

Non volatile memory chip
The relay is equipped with a non-volatile memory chip, which is used to retain critical data in the event of an auxiliary power outage. For example, after changing the setting value, the new value will be directly stored in the chip without the need for additional storage commands. This chip does not require battery support and enjoys lifelong maintenance services.
In non-volatile chips, the following data is stored:
Setting value
Display status
Output self holding state
Recorded values
Last 50 events
When the relay restarts, the display screen will revert to the LED information and text state before the auxiliary power interruption. For detailed information on alarm LED lights, please refer to the alarm light section in section 4.1.16.
The relay stores recorded data during startup, tripping, and other important events. After the auxiliary power supply is interrupted, you can view the time, date, and fault current of the last three events by navigating to the “Recording Data” section of the functional module that caused the indicator information.
In the HMI event buffer, you can view the last 50 events that occurred before the auxiliary power outage and restore the time and date of these events.

Recommended model:
ABB UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101
ABB 5SHX2645L0006
ABB 5SHX2645L0004
ABB CS513K01 3BSE004772R1
ABB PP885 3BSE069276R1
ABB CI856/3BSE026055R1
ABB KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0001 3BHB000652R0001
ABB BCU-02 3AUA0000110429
ABB 560CMU05
ABB DSPC174 3BSE005461R1
ABB SM810K01 3BSE030928R1
ABB SCC-C (23070-010132110)

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