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CI546 3BSE012545R1 DCS/PLC ▏Communication Card


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: CI546 3BSE012545R1

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Title: A Deep Dive into the Power and Control Systems of GMD Systems

Introduction: This article provides an in-depth look at the power and control systems of GMD (Gearless Mill Drive) systems. We will explore the components, hardware, and software that contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of these systems.

1. Power Part of the Drive Systems:

  • Converter Transformers:
    • Three converter transformers with wyedelta connection for 12-pulse operation.
    • Fed from a 23 kV bus through the main switchgear.
  • Power Cycloconverter:
    • Composed of two full-wave bridge groups in anti-parallel connection.
    • Bridges consist of 6 power thyristors each, with a snubber network system and failed thyristors detection.
  • Synchronous Ringmotor (GMD):
    • Known as “wrap-around motor” or “ringmotor.”
    • Rotor composed of individual poles mounted on the mill flange.
    • SAG mill motor has 72 poles, and ball mill motors have 56 poles.
  • Excitation Transformer and Converter:
    • Excitation transformer fed at 4.16 kV.
    • Excitation converter with full-wave control.
  • Protection System:
    • Over-voltage protection for the cycloconverter inlet and motor.
    • Basic charge system for the cycloconverter.
  • Cooling System:
    • De-ionized water used for cooling thyristors, resistors of snubber networks, and basic load.

CI546 3BSE012545R1 DCS/PLC ▏Communication Cardillustration

CI546 3BSE012545R1 DCS/PLC ▏Communication Card

2. Controller of the Drive Systems:

  • Control Hardware:
    • PSR 2 controllers for cycloconverters, designed for high-power drives.
    • Communication through a 16-bit parallel communication bus B448.
    • Input/output cards (UAC326, UDA327, GDB021) for signals and pulse generation.
  • Control Software:
    • Programming in FUPLA 400, a high-level graphic or function block diagram language.
    • Divided into CLUSTERS called INTERRUPTS with defined cycle times.
    • Incorporates signals measured in minor cycle time clusters and handles fundamental activities such as commutation of cycloconverter bridges, generation of sinusoidal current for internal control, protections, etc.

CI546 3BSE012545R1 DCS/PLC ▏Communication Cardillustration1

CI546 3BSE012545R1 DCS/PLC ▏Communication Card

Conclusion: Understanding the intricacies of the power and control systems of GMD systems is essential for ensuring their optimal performance. The combination of advanced hardware components and sophisticated control software contributes to the reliability and efficiency of these drive systems in various applications.


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