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B&R industrial computer 5PC720-1505.01


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Follow general construction and safety regulations when working on power installations

SKU: 5PC720-1505.01

In the drive system Rexroth IndraDrive capacitors are used in the DC bus as energy stores. In the drive controllers and particularly in the supply units such capacitors have already been integrated. Energy stores maintain their energy even when energy supply has been cut off and have to be discharged before somebody gets in contact with them.

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Discharging devices have been integrated in the components of the drive system Rexroth IndraDrive; within the indicated discharging time these devices discharge the voltage below the allowed 50 V. If additional capacitances in the form of • DC bus capacitor units or • additional capacitors are connected, make sure that these capacitors, too, are discharged before somebody gets in contact with them.


Due to the operating principle, the discharging time is the longer • the bigger the energy store (the capacitance value) • the higher the voltage to which the energy store has been charged • the greater the resistance for discharging the capacitors. Components of the drive system Rexroth IndraDrive have been dimensioned in such a way that after the energy supply was cut off the voltage value falls below 50 V within a discharging time of a maximum of 30 minutes.

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