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Kollmorgen S4036M-PB|Frequency converter servo controller|


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Kollmorgen S4036M-PB|Frequency converter servo controller|

Kollmorgen S4036M-PB|Frequency converter servo controller|illustration

  • This section tells you how to install the drive on wall without vibration dampers. The degree of protection is IEC:IP00 and UL: open type.
    1. See the dimensions in chapter Dimensions and weights.Mark the locations for the four mounting holes.
    2. Drill the mounting holes.
    3. Insert wall plugs into the holes and start to screw bolts into the plugs. Drive the bolts deep enough into the

    wall to make them carry the weight of the drive.

    1. Position the drive onto the bolts on the wall.
    2. Tighten the bolts securely in the wall.


    When thyristor converters operate, the line voltage is short-circuited during commutation from one

    thyristor to the next. This operation causes voltage dips in the mains PCC (point of common

    coupling). For the connection of a power converter system to the mains, one of the following

    configurations applies:

    Configuration A

    When using a converter, a minimum of impedance is required to ensure proper

    performance of the snubber circuit. Use a line reactor to meet this minimum

    impedance requirement. The value must therefore not drop below 1 % uk (relative

    impedance voltage). It should not exceed 10 % uk, due to considerable voltage drops

    at the converters outputs.

    Configuration B

    If special requirements have to be met at the PCC (standards like EN 61 800-3, DC

    and AC drives at the same line, etc), different criteria must be applied for selecting a

    line reactor. These requirements are often defined as a voltage dip in percent of the

    nominal supply voltage. The combined impedance of ZLine and ZL1 constitute the total

    series impedance of the installation. The ratio between the line impedance and the line

    reactor impedance determines the voltage dip at the PCC. In such cases, line chokes

    with an impedance around 4 % are often used.

    Example calculation with ukLine = 1 % and ukL1 = 4 %:

    Voltage dip = ZLine / (ZLine + ZL1) = 20 %. Detailed calculations see Technical guide.


Kollmorgen S4036M-PB|Frequency converter servo controller|

Kollmorgen S4036M-PB|Frequency converter servo controller|illustration1

By structuring the information in this manner, the article provides a clear and organized understanding of input channels, transducer supply, and communication implementations in distributed control systems.

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