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RINT-5611C ABB Display Data Controller


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: RINT-5611C
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RINT-5611C ABB Display Data Controller

Title: Installation and Configuration Guidelines for Control Builder A and On-line Builder in AC 400 Series

Introduction: Control Builder A (CBA) is a comprehensive engineering tool utilized for the Advant Controller 400 Series. This article provides guidance on the installation of Control Builder A, including Application Builder (APB), Function Chart Builder (FCB), and On-line Builder (ONB). Additionally, it outlines important considerations for client and server installations of ONB and addresses the integration of an 800xA system with an MB 300 network.

RINT-5611C ABB Display Data Controllerillustration

Section 1: Control Builder A Installation 1.1 Engineering Tools:

  • CBA encompasses APB, FCB, and ONB for the Advant Controller 400 Series.
  • Installation details are available in Control Builder A Version 1.3 Installation (3BSE066174*) [Reference].

Section 2: On-line Builder Installation and Configuration 2.1 Engineering Board Usage:

  • ONB requires an Engineering Board (PU410 or PU516A) to communicate with AC 400 controllers.
  • The RTA board (PU410 or PU515A) in an 800xA for Advant Master Connectivity Server can function as an Engineering Board.
  • Server and client installations are necessary for ONB, with specific configurations for each [Reference].

2.2 Important Hints for ONB Installations:

  • A question regarding Connectivity Server installation will appear during ONB installations. Answer Yes for Connectivity Server installation.
  • Select “No Engineering Board” for client installations.
  • Carefully follow instructions in the Server and Client Configuration section.
  • In clients, select “Use Engineering Board of the following servers” and add relevant servers as described in the Client Configuration – Engineering Board Setup section.
  • For servers, configure Windows Firewall in the Autorun display of the CBA media.

Section 3: 800xA System Integration with MB 300 Network 3.1 Initial Connection to MB 300 Network:

  • Upon connecting an 800xA system to a running MB 300 network, it starts receiving new alarms and events from controller objects.

3.2 Lost and Found Object Creation:

  • As the MB 300 Uploader has not been executed, objects are created in the Lost and Found object.

3.3 Temporary Object Naming:

  • Objects created during this phase are identified with the syntax <Object Name>(<Network decade>,<Node>).

3.4 Post-Upload Cleanup:

  • After completing the upload, it is recommended to delete these temporary objects under Lost and Found.


Conclusion: Proper installation of Control Builder A and On-line Builder, along with meticulous configuration, ensures seamless engineering for the Advant Controller 400 Series. Additionally, integration with an 800xA system and MB 300 network involves specific steps to manage alarms and events effectively. Following these guidelines enhances the reliability and performance of the entire system [Reference].

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