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IS200TSVCH2ADC MRP061873 UCSB controller, 600 MHZ


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model: IS200TSVCH2ADC MRP061873

Product origin: America
Port of shipment: Xiamen, Fujian
Hotline: 18165687102


Product characteristics:
1. Maximum switching current 10A
2. Maximum switching voltage 250V AC
3. Maximum switching power 1250VA
4. Protection level IP20
5. Connection installation method: track installation
6. Output contact 1 C/O
7. Overvoltage critical value 310V AC
8. Low voltage critical value 140V AC
9. Positive temperature coefficient alarm threshold~1100 Ω

IS200TSVCH2ADC MRP061873 UCSB controller, 600 MHZillustration

Product Features
Beautiful appearance, easy installation and wiring. Specially designed for the transformation of power distribution systems in communication room 100A and below, it can be used in conjunction with AMC16 multi loop monitoring instruments.

Technical parameters:
Measurement range: AC 0-120V, 0-300V, 0-500V
Voltage overload: continuous 1.2 times, instantaneous voltage 2 times/1 second
Frequency: 45Hz~65Hz
Output: DC 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V
Load: ≤ 600 Ω at current output, ≥ 1000 Ω at voltage output
Working power supply: AC 85V~265V or DC 100V~350V
≤ 200ppm/℃ for accuracy level 0.5, ≤ 100ppm/℃ for accuracy level 0.2
Response time<400ms
Insulation resistance ≥ 100M Ω
Power frequency withstand voltage auxiliary power supply/input/output 2kV/1min, 50Hz
Installation method: The AC voltage transmitter is installed using a standard 35mm guide rail or fixed with screws

Covering a protection range of 0.1-60A. Electronic overcurrent protection adopts a definite time curve to effectively eliminate the influence of thermal memory effect. Quickly move and adjust the tripping time freely. Built-in current transformer, supporting threaded measurement, making installation more convenient. Benefit: Electronic overcurrent protection, filling the thermal memory defect of thermal overload protection. Application: Suitable for lifting, HVAC, grinding, mixing and other machinery prone to rotor blockage, providing professional device protection. Suitable for applications with long starting times, such as fan and pump starting. Suitable for frequent starting or periodic load protection, such as conveyor belt machinery.

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