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DSMB-01C 3AFE64691929 ABB European and American Industrial Equipment DCS


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Manufacturer: ABB
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DSMB-01C 3AFE64691929 ABB European and American Industrial Equipment DCS

Title: Enhancing Alarm Status Retrieval with Advant Master Alarm Refresh

Introduction: The Advant Master Alarm Refresh is a powerful tool that facilitates the retrieval of the latest alarm status from Advant Master and Safeguard Controllers. This function proves particularly useful in scenarios such as communication disturbances between the Connectivity Server and the Controller. This article outlines the key features and scenarios that trigger the Alarm Refresh function, shedding light on its significance in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate alarm status.

DSMB-01C 3AFE64691929 ABB European and American Industrial Equipment DCSillustration

Section 1: Overview of Advant Master Alarm Refresh 1.1 Purpose:

  • Retrieve the latest alarm status from Advant Master and Safeguard Controllers.
  • Address communication disturbances between Connectivity Server and Controller.

1.2 Status Check Mechanism:

  • Utilizes Status Check requests to process objects in controllers.
  • Controllers respond with the actual alarm status.
  • Process Alarm Lists in the 800xA system are updated with new unacknowledged alarms.

1.3 Altered Alarm Attributes:

  • Alarms resulting from the Alarm Refresh function have the same Object name and Condition attributes as normal alarms.
  • The Message attribute is set to Statuscheck.

Section 2: Triggering Alarm Refresh 2.1 Automatic Start:

  • Initiated when alarms from a Controller may have been lost.
  • Triggered by events such as Connectivity server start-up, event collector start-up, RTA unit start-up, controller restart, or communication failure.

2.2 Manual Invocation:

  • Users can manually invoke Alarm Refresh for a specific node.
  • Refer to Configuring the Alarm Refresh for detailed instructions.

Section 3: Supported Controller Types 3.1 Tested and Supported:

  • AC 400 Series
  • MP200/1
  • Safeguard 400
  • Safeguard 9000

Conclusion: The Advant Master Alarm Refresh function plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of alarm status information in scenarios involving communication disruptions or system restarts. By automatically updating Process Alarm Lists and allowing manual invocation, it ensures that the 800xA system is equipped with the latest, most reliable information. Additionally, the function supports a range of controller types, making it a versatile and essential tool for effective alarm management. For detailed configuration instructions, refer to the provided documentation.

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