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ABB SC510 DA converter synchronization


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: SC510
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ABB SC510 DA converter synchronization

Title: Receiver Component Operation and Subcomponents in Fiber Optic Data Transmission

Introduction: The receiver component plays a pivotal role in collecting and processing data from the fiber optic link, utilizing the RocketIO hard IP component. This article provides insights into the receiver’s functionality and the subcomponents involved in ensuring data integrity and efficient transfer to the designated end targets.


Section 1: Overview of Receiver Component Operation 1.1 Data Flow:

  • The receiver collects data from the fiber optic link using the RocketIO hard IP component.
  • Quality control processes are applied before transporting the data to the calibration or register components (refer to Sections 5.3.2 and 5.3.7) [ABB08b].


Section 2: Subcomponents of the Receiver Component 2.1 Data Recovery (Component):

  • The incoming data, encoded as an 8b/10b bit stream, undergoes error detection and correction through the Data Recovery component [ABB08b].

2.2 Grouper / Synchronization (Process):

  • This process identifies the first bit of the 10 bits representing a byte in the 8b/10b encoding scheme. It utilizes idle characters transmitted at least once every 0.375µs to synchronize and group the bits together [ABB08b].

2.3 Decoder Interface (Process):

  • To synchronize data transfer between processes, the Decoder Interface ensures smooth communication between the 160MHz clock frequency of the data recovery and grouper and the 80MHz frequency of the remaining receiver components [ABB08b].

2.4 8b/10b Decoder (Component):

  • Responsible for decoding the 8b/10b encoded data, the 8b/10b Decoder component transforms a 10-bit input into an 8-bit decoded result. It also manages control signals, detects transmission errors, and identifies special characters [ABB08b, XIL05].

2.5 Re-Synchronization Detection (Process):

  • Triggered when no commas are detected in the last 63 clock cycles, this process forces the grouper to re-synchronize, resolving potential error conditions [ABB08b].

ABB SC510 DA converter synchronizationillustration

Conclusion: The receiver component, integral to fiber optic data transmission, incorporates several subcomponents and processes to ensure data accuracy and integrity. From data recovery and synchronization to decoding and error detection, each element contributes to the seamless operation of the receiver, enhancing the reliability of the overall data transfer system [ABB08b, XIL05].

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