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ABB 129740-002 DSP signal processor module


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Within 15 years of its introduction, the IGCT has established itself as the semiconductor of choice for high-power frequency converters by meeting the requirements of today’s demanding applications.

SKU: 129740-002

Improved volume consumption and reduced part count for SVC, 4-quadrant DCdrive or soft starter equipment in the magnitude of 25 percent compared with equally rated PCT-solutions are possible with ABB’s BCTs – without jeopardizing reliability and performance, nota bene. ABB’s innovative bi-directionally controlled thyristor (BCT) features two monolithically integrated antiparallel thyristors in a single housing.

ABB 129740-002 DSP signal processor moduleillustration

The two thyristor halves are individually triggered and have a separation region enabling the design of highvoltage devices with the dynamic capability of discrete devices. The BCT is designed, manufactured and tested using the same philosophy, technology and equipment as the well-established PCT (page 42), thus reaching the same levels of performance and reliability. A table of replacement of PCTs by BCTs is given in the BCT application note which can be found at www.abb.com/semiconductors.


ABB offers three lines of fast switching thyristors: the standard fast thyristor, the medium frequency fast thyristor and the reverse conducting fast thyristor. All types feature optimized and very short turn-on and turn-off times, large critical rates of onstate current rise, high surge current ratings and a wide operating temperature range.


These thyristors are typically used in induction heating resonant inverters, DC chopper drives, UPS, pulse power and other fast switching applications. The standard fast thyristors feature an amplifying gate structure and a special lifetime control technology, ensuring low on-state and switching losses, a low reverse recovery time and a high di/dt performance.


The medium frequency fast thyristors take advantage of the distributed gate technology. Their special cathode and gate designs allow for an effective operation in the medium frequency range of up to 10 kHz. The reverse conducting fast thyristors feature a monolithically integrated freewheeling diode. Several types of this thyristor are available as spare and replacement parts.

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