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5SHX2645L0002/3HB012961R0001 functional card communication integration


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: 5SHX2645L0002/3HB012961R0001
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5SHX2645L0002/3HB012961R0001 functional card communication integration


When it is necessary to shut down the DCS for maintenance due to major repairs or other reasons, we often directly shut down the DCS. However, sometimes this non-standard operation can bring serious consequences, such as configuration loss, PID parameter loss, etc. So it is necessary to strictly check important parameters before and after power outage and power on again, and operate carefully and in a standardized manner.

DCS correct power outage
Step 1: Conduct various inspections before power-off. 1. Open the control station cabinet door and observe whether the cards are working properly and whether there are any fault displays; 2. Observe the existence of faults from the real-time monitoring fault diagnosis of each operating station and record them; 3. Check whether the power box is working properly, whether the power fan is working, whether the 5V and 24V indicator lights are normal, and measure and record the voltage values; 4. Backup configuration, PID parameters, drivers, and other important data as needed; 5. Check power supply redundancy, which includes AC power supply redundancy and DC power supply redundancy. AC power supply redundancy: By disconnecting one of the redundant AC~220VAC incoming lines separately, half of the AC power supply circuit of the system loses power, but the system should still be able to operate normally. The redundancy testing method for DC power supply is as follows: (1) First, disconnect one power supply box and measure the voltage of 5V and 24V on the power terminals of each cage mother board of the machine cage; (2) First connect one power supply box, then disconnect the other power supply box, and measure the voltage of 5V and 24V on the power terminals of each cage motherboard. The 5V output voltage of the power box should be between 5.10V and 5.25V, and the 24V output voltage of the power box should be between 23.00V and 25.00V. If the voltage deviation is large, it needs to be checked and dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the card. 6. Check the network cable and layout, check the continuity of the network cable, confirm whether the connection is in good contact, and replace the faulty cable in a timely manner; 7. UPS test: Test the power supply capacity of the UPS battery by disconnecting the UPS AC incoming line. UPS batteries should be discharged regularly, generally recommended once a month. The discharge method is to disconnect the UPS AC power supply and use battery power until the battery is about to be released. The above checks mainly focus on understanding the operating status of the system in advance. If there are any abnormal phenomena, they can be resolved in a timely manner when parking.

5SHX2645L0002/3HB012961R0001 functional card communication integrationillustration 5SHX2645L0002/3HB012961R0001 functional card communication integrationillustration1

Step 2: Cut off the power supply in order
1. After each operation station exits the real-time monitoring and operating system in sequence, turn off the power to the industrial control computer and display of the operation station; 2. Turn off the power supply of the control station power box one by one; 3. Turn off the power switches of each branch; 4. Turn off the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) power switch; 5. Turn off the main power switch.

DCS power outage maintenance
Step 3: Perform DCS power outage maintenance. 1. Power outage and blowing maintenance for the operation station and control station. Dust cleaning of components such as the internal control computer, control station cage, and power box; 2. Maintain faults detected prior to power outage; 3. System power supply line maintenance. Including distribution boxes, terminal blocks, relays, safety barriers, etc. Ensure that all components are working properly and the wiring is reliably connected; 4. Grounding system maintenance. Including terminal inspection, grounding inspection of each operating station (industrial computer, display), grounding inspection of each control station (power supply, machine cage), and ground resistance testing; 5. Check the connection lines and points of communication lines to ensure that all components are working properly and the lines are reliably connected. Mark the dual network cables properly.


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