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3BHE003604R0102 UFC765AE102 controller/thyristor/power supply unit


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: 3BHE003604R0102 UFC765AE102
Working temperature range: -20 ° C to+70 ° C
Input current: 15mA
Output current: 3A
Protection level: IP20

3BHE003604R0102 UFC765AE102 controller/thyristor/power supply unit

MATLAB can be used as an ActiveX automation controller. Through the technology of ActiveX automation controller, users can control the ActiveX automation server by writing M files in MATLAB. Using VB to develop OPCAxtiveX controls using OPC automation interfaces, adding communication modules to the OPCAxtiveX controls, receiving data from the EDPF-NT system, and assigning these data to the attribute values of the OPCAxtiveX control. By obtaining the corresponding attribute values in the OPCAxtiveX control through MATLAB, the EDPF-NT system data can be called using OPC technology in MATLAB.

Firstly, establish the OPCAxtiveX control and set the network in the initialization of internal working variables. Secondly, add network communication code to the OPCAxtiveX program to receive the data sent by the EDPF-NT system engineer station to the upper computer. Finally, assign the received data to the property values of the ActiveX control, generate the OPCAxtiveX control, and register it. The OPCAxtiveX control used for data reception can now be used by MATLAB.
Before using an ActiveX component in MATLAB, you must find the name of the object, ProglD, and also understand the methods, properties, and events used by the object. By utilizing this information, this object can be applied in MATLAB through ActiveX customer support.

Use the actxcontrol function to generate an ActiveX component and achieve communication between MATLAB and OPC.
The syntax for generating an ActiveX component in the graphics window is:
H=actxcontro1 (progid [, position [, handle ···· [, callback {event1eventhander1; ···· event2eventhandler2;}]])
OPCAxtiveX controls can be manipulated using functions such as get, set, invoke, propagate, release, and delete, ultimately enabling MATLAB to call EDPF-NT data.

Implementation of Data Input in 3EDPF-NT System
As mentioned earlier, for security reasons, the data in the EDPF-NT system database is only allowed to be read and cannot be directly written. So it is necessary to use Modbus protocol to send the data of MATLAB model running to EDPF-NT system through COM card. By using ModbusMaster communication controls in VB, it is convenient to act as a Master to send data to the Slave (COM card) of Modbus.

When transmitting data to the EDPF-NT system, it is necessary to set corresponding communication parameters, including port, baud rate, response timeout time, data bit format (RTU/ASCII), verification method, stop bit, as well as the slave address related to the COM card and the physical start address of the COM when sending data.
After each run of the MATLAB model, it will automatically send the data to the COM card of the EDPF-NT system through the Modbus network, and the EDPF-NT system will read the data sent to the COM card.

Recommended model:
PM825 3BSE010796R1
PP836 3BSE042237R1
NBRA-659C 59006436
DSAI133A 3BSE018290R1
DSDP140B 57160001-ACX
REF542PLUS with one set of host
PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020
KUC321AE HIEE300698R0001
AC800M 3BSE053240R1 PM891
PFSA146 3BSE008844R1
GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005
CI546 3BSE012545R1
PM783F 3BDH000364R0002
07BR61R1 GJV3074376R1
5SHY35L4520 5SXE10-0181 AC10272001R0101

3BHE003604R0102 UFC765AE102 controller/thyristor/power supply unitillustration

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