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216NG63A HESG441635R1 HESG216877/K Communication Measurement Equipment


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: 216NG63A HESG441635R1 HESG216877/K
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216NG63A HESG441635R1 HESG216877/K Communication Measurement Equipment


Compact Control Builder handles alarm and events generated internally in the system, a PLC or other hardware unit or in applications. Alarm and event information is communicated throughout the control network via OPC servers, that is, a number of OPC Server for AC 800M. Alarm and event handling supports the following.

• Disabling and enabling of alarms

• Acknowledgement and cancellation of alarms

• Filtering of alarms and events

• Printing of alarm and event lists on local printer

• System events and alarms System events and alarms created in PLC can be read and accessed by operators through HMI.

The time stamps and attributes are also created in PLCs. The event or alarm has its origin attached to it.

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216NG63A HESG441635R1 HESG216877/K Communication Measurement Equipmentillustration

Control Builder supports a number of fieldbuses and I/O systems. PLCs can be connected to fieldbuses and other I/O systems using adapters and I/O units belonging to ABB I/O families.

I/O Connectivity

• ModuleBus

ModuleBus is an integrated master unit for S800 I/O. I/O units connected to ModuleBus are divided into clusters. 12 I/O units can be directly connected to the ModuleBus on the AC 800M, while the remaining I/O units have to be connected via I/O-clusters. Up to 7 I/O-clusters can be connected to the ModuleBus. PM851 only allows up to 24 S800 I/O units on ModuleBus (12 local and 12 on cluster 1).


Control Builder supports the fieldbus system PROFIBUS DP. It can be connected to PLCs via the CI854 interface module, offering master and built-in line redundancy. Applications access the built-in fieldbus functions through corresponding I/O modules.


PROFINET is a manufacturer-independent Fieldbus standard for applications in manufacturing and process automation. PROFINET technology is described in fixed terms in IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 as an international standard.

PROFINET IO uses Ethernet communication to integrate simple distributed I/O and time-critical applications.

PROFINET IO describes a device model oriented to the PROFIBUS framework, which consists of places of insertion (slots) and groups of I/O channels (subslots). The technical characteristics of the field devices are described by the General Station Description (GSD) on an XML basis. The PROFINET IO engineering is performed in a way familiar to PROFIBUS. The distributed field devices are assigned to the PLCs during configuration.

The PROFINET IO is interfaced to the IEC 61131 PLC AC 800M, using the PROFINET IO module CI871.

• DriveBus

The CI858 unit is the communication interface for the DriveBus protocol. ABB Drives and Special I/O units communicate with the AC 800M PLC via the CI858 unit. The CI858 Drive channel can be used to connect up to 24 drives.

• S100 I/O

The CI856 is the AC 800M communication interface for the S100 I/O system The CI856 unit handles the I/O configuration and I/O scanning of up to five S100 I/O racks where each I/O rack can hold up to 20 I/O boards.

• Satt I/O

The CI865 unit is the AC 800M communication interface for Satt I/O. The CI865 unit makes it possible to use older Satt I/O system (Rack I/O and Series 200 I/O) with the PLC.


INSUM (INtegrated System for User-optimized Motor control) is a system for motor and switch gear control and protection from ABB. PLCs can be integrated with INSUM by means of a TCP/IP gateway and a CI857 interface module (Figure 4).


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