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216DB61 HESG324063R100/J standard Ethernet unit


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Manufacturer: ABB
Model: 216DB61 HESG324063R100/J
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216DB61 HESG324063R100/J standard Ethernet unit


The Industrial Ethernet Protocol (EtherNet/IP) is an application layer protocol built on the standard TCP/IP protocol suite used to communicate with high-level industrial devices. DeviceNet is an application layer protocol built on the standard Controller Area Network (CAN). It is used to communicate with low-level industrial devices. DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP are based on Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and share all the common aspects of CIP.

The following are the software components implemented in EtherNet/IP:

– CI873 EtherNet/IP Hardware Library (CI873EthernetIPHWLib).

– Device Import Wizard (DIW) to import the EDS files into Control Builder. The CI873EthernetIPHWLib integrated with AC 800M provides CEX based Communication interface along with three components of CI873 protocol for the Control Builder, PLC, and CEX module CI873.

The CI873EthernetIPHWLib provides the following functionalities:

– Configuring CI873 as EtherNet/IP scanner.

– Class 1 connection to LD 800DN for I/O communication with DeviceNet devices.

– System command to change the Run/Idle state of LD 800DN.

– LD 800DN Scanner diagnostics.

– Status supervision of devices.

– Hot swap of CI873, LD 800DN and DeviceNet devices.

– Logging of CI873 messages.

– CI873 Scanner diagnostics.

– CI873 Firmware Upgrade.

– Online upgrade for CI873 Firmware.

The Device Import Wizard (DIW) is an integrated component of the Control Builder. The DIW converts the device description files – EDS files of DeviceNet devices – into Hardware Definition (HWD) files. These unit types can be instantiated in the Hardware tree of Control Builder.

216DB61 HESG324063R100/J standard Ethernet unitillustration


MODBUS is an open industry standard widely spread due to its ease of use. It is a request response protocol and offers services specified by function codes. MODBUS TCP combines the MODBUS RTU with standard Ethernet and universal networking standard TCP. It is an application-layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model. MODBUS TCP communicates via the CI867 communication interface unit. CI867 is a dual channel Ethernet unit; Ch1 and Ch2. Ch1 supports full duplex with 100 Mbps speed and Ch2 supports half duplex with 10 Mbps speed. Both master and slave functionality are supported.


A maximum of 70 slave and 8 master units per CI867 (on Ch1 and Ch2 together) can be used. Function blocks are used for master communication and access variables is used for slave communication. A number of MODBUS TCP commands are supported. Protocol functions are accessible through function blocks. Table 2 describes the protocol commands that are are supported by MODBUS TCP.



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